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Pam Weeks

A wonderful collection of traditional, new and original tunes. Pam is well-known in Maine and New England for her work with the band Scrod Pudding. She plays fiddle and Appalachian dulcimer and is joined by many friends on this recording.
Waiting for the Perseids cover

OGR 8939 | Waiting for the Perseids

Richard's Jig/Cul Aodh/Reunion Jig | Ducks on the Pond/Cattle in the Cane/Billy in the Lowground | The Road to Sebec/Tim's Cove | Waiting for the Perseids | Dan the Cobbler/Brandy's Trip up Tumbledown/The Merry-go-Round | The 32nd of August/Payes de Haut/Pat de Budgie | Trollspolka | Sebec Lake Waltz | The Silver Spire/Leather Britches/Julianne Johnson | Kat's Waltz/Summer on Marshall Pond | The Rose in the Heather | The Hungry Rocks/Geese in the Cloverleaf | Tumbledown Switchback/John Brain's/Hunger House | Charlotte's Waltz

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