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Don Campbell

Don Campbell grew up listening to the music of Devonsquare and Schooner Fare. Inspired by his dad, who played a mean fiddle, Don learned to play guitar and piano and began writing songs. His first album, part of your heart, was released in 1991. Building on the success of the first recording, Don released his second album, Higher Ground, two years later. This recording is a clever mix of solid new grass, wonderfully creative folk songs and folk and roll, all of which are pure Don Campbell.
Higher Ground cover

OGR 8906 | Higher Ground

Stay For Another Day | The Song Unsung | Love Is Blind | November Moon | Chance to Grow | Where'd Those Good Times Go So Fast | Lone Falling Star | Yesterday's News | Take Good Care | Hold Fast to the Right | Tears of a Fallen Love | Lifetime Lover | Gifts of the Day | Dreamin' Away | Boise | The Old Man and the Old Woman

part of your heart cover

OGR 8901 | part of your heart

When the Time Gets Right | No One's Gonna Take My Dreams Away | Time Keeps Passing | Gonna Settle Down | Flying Point | The Lightkeeper | Treatin' You This Way | Part of Your Heart | Who I Am | Training Wheels | Just Gotta Be Me | Fix My Broken Heart | Father and Mother /Big John MacNeil

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